We manage your rents in Mallorca

Manage your vacation rentals so you can earn more!


Internet Property Promotion

Increased property visibility

We’ve been around the block a few times, and that’s how we know exactly where to advertise your holiday rental property in Mallorca to ensure maximum visibility. At WeLoftIt we know how to select the best websites for every occasion, both locally and internationally. The market is highly dynamic, which is why we're always looking for new pages so your property in Mallorca has a spot on all of them. Don't miss out on a single reservation when renting out your home for holiday rental.



A spelcial welcome

We give Lofters a warm welcome and if they wish, we pick them up from the Palma de Mallorca airport. We give them the best tourism advice for Mallorca island and a very special welcome pack that includes a set of amenities for their utmost comfort. All this is guaranteed to boost your holiday property’s reputation for renting out at Mallorca.


Customer service

24 hours

Lofters have access to 24 hour customer service in both English and Spanish. You won’t need to worry about midnight calls or have to resolve unexpected problems or issues at the last minute. We take care of everything about your property to let in Mallorca efficiently and professionally.


Cleaning service

Your house in Palma de Mallorca, immaculately clean

Since first impressions are the most important, we send professional cleaners to your renting out property so it’s left looking its best before the Lofters get there.


Owner access

You'll have more control

Transparency is key in our business. WeLoftIt offers you access to our exclusive online where you can follow up on past and future reservations, and also keep an eye on the corresponding rates.


Optimized rates

More profitable

With our specialised software we can calculate the rates which are going to maximise your earnings. WeLoftIt’s holiday rental system is based on algorithms similar to those used by hotel and flight reservation systems. This is the secret: after analysing the market for your property type and the selected dates, it obtains the maximum rate that can be charged without potential renters looking elsewhere. Thanks to this rate calculation system, you’ll get more reservations and you can earn up to 40% more.


Property Maintenance Service

We fix it

The only changes we’ll make to your home are ones that improve it. At WeLoftIt, we’re committed to maintaining your letting property in the same state it was handed over to us in, and this is why we cover the cost of small reparations and renovations. As far as major damage or renovations to it, we can finance them based on future earnings from the property, so you don’t even feel the impact of the investment. Hiring the best professionals at the best price, we can take care any necessary repairs.


Photographer service

We are naturally drawn to beauty

And that’s why WeLoftIt provides a professional photography service to improve the presentation of your renting property for better letting out in Mallorca. Your property will stand out from the rest like a true work of art.


License and insurance management

We protect your investment

If your property to let in Mallorca meets the requirements to receive a tourist rental license, we take care of the paperwork. We also offer legal advice for dealing with any eventuality.


Home staging

Ponemos tu casa a punto

Home Staging is a concept that refers to the presentation of your home in Palma de Mallorca. A good presentation is essential in the holiday rental market. If you wish, we also advise or redecorate your house with small details or comprehensive reforms, which will make it more attractive to your clients, making it a more competitive, pleasant and welcoming property for renting out in Mallorca.

Our clients' opinions

  • “Hello Iñaki, I’ve confirmed that the problem with the water has been dealt with, thanks for being so prompt.”
  • “Having heard about the profitability of tourist rentals, a friend rented her rural home with WeLoftIt and put me in touch with them. The truth is that I’m really happy with the work they do and their attention to detail with all aspects of the property.”
  • “Recommending WeLoftIt’s services. They are serious, professional and have more than delivered on everything we agreed on. We are getting excellent profitability from my property, they take care of everything, including maintenance and our clients are satisfied...”
  • “I decided to put my second home into the hands of Jon and his team and I knew from the start that I’d made the right choice. Within a week and for very little money they had enhanced the appearance of the flat, leading to a major increase in reservations. Our clients’ reviews couldn’t be better and WeLoftIt treats the guests with all the care they deserve.”
  • “Thanks Nora, today I saw how the new living room has turned out as well as the photos you put up, it looks fantastic! You do a great job!