We manage your holiday rentals, you gain more revenue

We loft it, they love it, you’ve earned it !

At WeLoftIt we’re a youthful team of friendly and energetic individuals with clear ideas and we always work professionally, emphasising good taste and good work, without forgetting excitement and a sense of humour.

After working in diverse areas of the tourism sector and travelling around the world as passionate travellers, we know the market like the bank of our hand, which is why we decided to undertake this project.

A new type of traveller has begun appearing, the Lofter, and with them new kinds of needs.

This has given rise to a wonderful opportunity to enhance the profitability of your property.

At WeLoftIt, each one of us brings the skills and strengths we’ve acquired through years of experience in a variety of companies in the tourism sector. You’ll be able to take advantage of this knowledge from day one, meaning, as you’ll soon be noting, that your property becomes one of the most profitable on the market.

Stop just thinking about it, get a hold of us, your property will be in the best hands from the get go. We loft it, they love it, you’ve earned it!

The Crew

Our clients' opinions

  • “Hello Iñaki, I’ve confirmed that the problem with the water has been dealt with, thanks for being so prompt.”
  • “Having heard about the profitability of tourist rentals, a friend rented her rural home with WeLoftIt and put me in touch with them. The truth is that I’m really happy with the work they do and their attention to detail with all aspects of the property.”
  • “Recommending WeLoftIt’s services. They are serious, professional and have more than delivered on everything we agreed on. We are getting excellent profitability from my property, they take care of everything, including maintenance and our clients are satisfied...”
  • “I decided to put my second home into the hands of Jon and his team and I knew from the start that I’d made the right choice. Within a week and for very little money they had enhanced the appearance of the flat, leading to a major increase in reservations. Our clients’ reviews couldn’t be better and WeLoftIt treats the guests with all the care they deserve.”
  • “Thanks Nora, today I saw how the new living room has turned out as well as the photos you put up, it looks fantastic! You do a great job!